Amana Capital offers Swap Free accounts for traders who choose not to receive or pay daily swaps owing to their religious beliefs.

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  • Trading commissions

    Amana Capital does not charge commissions on Spot Contracts but charges specific commissions on Futures Contracts.

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    Amana Capital charges ZERO fees on:

    • Deposits and withdrawals
    • Credit Card deposits/withdrawals
    • Opening and closing of an account

    Third party fees may be applicable.

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Amana Capital uses a dynamic leverage model, which automatically reflects on client’s trading positions. As the volume of each trading instrument of a client increases, the maximum leverage offered decreases. To know more and get some examples, please download the example sheet available on this link.

NOTE: For specific requirements or terms relating to the various Group entities, if applicable, please refer to the opening of account section of the particular entity.

Clients interested in benefiting from the dynamic leverage are requested to login to their account through the member’s area and request the leverage they desire. Note that terms and conditions apply when changing the Leverage. Amana Capital offers two types of accounts to trade with Amana Standard (Fixed Spreads) and Amana Pro (Variable Spreads).

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Opening your account with Amana Capital is simple and easy. Whether you are a beginner or a professional trader, we have the right solution for you. Open your demo account and learn the basics of trading, or open your real account to start trading in the real financial markets.

Risk Warning: Forex and CFDs carry a high degree of risk and may expose you to significant losses. Ensure you fully understand the risks involved. Please read the "Risk Disclosure Statement" for further details.